Canvas/wall art

The paper wreath….part deux….

In which I cut a circle out of cardboard and modge podge a fancy pants paper to it. (It’s not that fancy, it’s shelf liner from the dollar store)

I decided my inner cones would have glitter, so I ran a bead of hot glue and added some silver glass glitter, which really looks good.

Then I placed the cones, and realized this wasn’t going to be as straightforward as it seems….turns out I had to cut the tips of the cones off to make everything fit…..

I hot glued it all together, I see that it isn’t perfect, but I find it’s pretty pleasing to the eye…..

I honestly thought it would be easier to make it symmetrical, and I also thought it would be smaller, this thing is like almost 2 feet across.

I finished it off with a ……it’s like a mini pie plate, I had a bunch that I was making into xmas decorations, pasted some more fancy paper in it and a sparkly raindrop jewel I have had lying around forever. And a nest of ratty cheesecloth- ratty mussed up cheesecloth, no DIY studio should be without this stuff.

If I do this again, I will try to make a system to keep all the cones closer in size/closer to identical. I think that may help with the over all symmetry. I would also add glass glitter to ALL the edges. And more cones, 32 was sort of not enough. Learn from my errors people!


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