altered art

Steampunk camera

We use this tool to document our most precious memories, in a desperate gasp to hold onto the feeling of that moment. Nostalgia has a hold over us. 

And now, in this day where we have this portable camera at our disposal do we still treasure these moments the same way? 

See. Snap. Share.

No longer about preservation, we take the instant and use it as a measuring stick against others on social media. 

The tool is outdated, rusted over. We still see symbols of time, keepsakes, lock and key. Instead of a flash, a faceted crystal symbolises how after we snap a memory, that moment can divide into countless different outcomes in different futures. 
Using a camera from a 2nd hand store, I added all the texured components, cheese cloth, metal findings, trimming, than covered it with gesso. I used Inca gold and pewter, than went over it with rust paste from Delica. I used pebeo prisma paints to create the verdigris, and then spritzed that with a gold and a lime shimmer spray. 

The camera can still be opened, I haven’t quite decided what to do with the innards yet. 


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